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Delving into Dubai

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

What do you do when your time to destination is 15+ hours??




Prayer and meditation can be used interchangeably in many situations and this article will refer to them in that way. Understanding that there is a higher power--that there are certain things you have no control over is essential to success. Traveling to Dubai, a city who has a large Muslim population, exposed me to a group of people who understand the importance of prayer. So much that they start their day, interrupt the day, and end the day with prayer calls. There are prayer rooms in most facilities--ensuring a proper place of praise. Ensure that there is a place and priority for peace of mind during your trip. You are going to need to go to that place when the babies start yelling for several minutes at a time.

Preparing starts with gathering information. Determine the length of your flight and what will be available to you as far as food, beverage, and entertainment. Bring a few of your favorite snacks. Don't forget to speak with your physician regarding any medical needs. Remember that the trip involves a departure AND return. Refresh your snack and patience reserves.

Prioritize your needs and finances. Airlines have varying accommodations depending on how much you spend on your plane ticket. Buy your ticket as soon as you can so that you can select the seat of your choice. You should probably get an aisle seat if you know that your "bladder is small" or you like to get out of your seat a lot. I don't like being disturbed by the flight attendant carts. So, I try and get a window seat. No matter where your sit is, try to make the best of whatever space you have. Neck pillows, cushions, and small blankets help make these long trips more tolerable on your body. Don't forget to get up, walk around, and stretch!! Pack your essentials in your carry-on, but don't bring so much that your space under the seat is full. After your seatbelt is fastened and your carry-on is secure, enjoy the ride!

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Cardessa Kerr
Cardessa Kerr
29 Jul 2021

You laid out some sage traveling wisdom here. I am endeared that your visit to Dubai illuminated an inspiring reverence for prayer. My Dubai story is a LOT different, lol, but I'd definitely give it another go. Fantastic photos in front of the Burj Khalifa! God bless your endeavors, and congrats on your site launch! - Cardessa

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