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Is There a Physician Onboard the Aircraft?

Hours of saving, planning, and packing later I climbed into my seat on the right side of the plane in hopes of catching awesome aerial views.. I had asked the flight attendant which side would provide the best views of the city as we flew in. A few hours into our flight, we got up to use the lavatory and my friend notified me of a disturbance in the front of the plane. She said, "I think someone's passing out up there. You may want to go see what's going on." I looked at her and realized that she wasn't joking--she likes to prank me.

Walking calmly to the front, I notified the flight attendants, who had picked up the phone to ask for medical personel, that I was a physician and that I could help if they needed it. I approached the sick passenger and offered my help. Within minutes, the situation was under control and I returned to my seat. Although I thought that I would be anxious if my help was ever needed aboard an aircraft, I was happy to provide assistance. The staff was very appreciative. The flight continued on its planned course and the clouds covered the landscape that I wanted to capture. However, we were able to get some nice shots while departing.

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