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Baltimore Blessings

Nestled in East Baltimore, not too far from Washington, D.C., lies an astonishing gem called The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum. I traveled to Baltimore a few times before discovering this rich display of African-American history. My sister, Natasha Parks, encouraged me to stop by while I was in town visiting and I was not disappointed. Parking along the street was easy and free. I was greeted warmly by an attendant at the entrance. After joyfully paying my $15, I entered the wooden doors which were adorned in ankhs and other African symbols. A model slave ship exhibit and numerous wax figures of prominent melanin-rich individuals capture your attention immediately. Walking through this museum and learning about so many of the leaders that look like me has been one of the most thorough educational experiences that I have had in a while. Reading about the progression of colored people around the world is one thing, seeing them in wax is definitely a treat. Leaving the National Great Blacks in Wax Museum, I am empowered and energized to continue to innovate, thrive, and strive towards making our world a better place.

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