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3 Things To Do If You are Interested in Attending Medical School

  1. Medicine is changing swiftly. As you read this, a new recommendation is being developed and reviewed. By the time that you are finished reading this, new facts are being discovered about drugs and other compounds that aren't technically considered "drugs." With that being said, it's important to develop a practice of reading something "medicine-related" that interests you at least 30 minutes a day. Physicians call this continuing medical education.

  2. Research any type of learning opportunities that are offered in your area. I went to a summer program that was called MMEP at the time. Here's the link for that.

  3. Align yourself with professors and other students who are interested in healthcare. You will need recommendations from professors, and it is always helpful to have a friend who shares a similar path. Getting into medical school requires much more than an excellent MCAT score. Check out the site below to familiarize yourself with the process.

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